How to Develop a Proper Taste for Sex Toys

According to BlissfulCherry, women of all ages seem to be developing a taste for sex toys. Though they might not admit to it, women’s secret desire is to have powerful experiences with virtual sex slaves who can please them in the bedroom and beyond.

Many women discover tolerate adult infidelity sites, because they improve their sexual enjoyment. Why? Because these sites allow them to experience things they could not possibly have in their own bodies. These men are highly educated, financially secure, healthy, and committed to their families. Some are even gay.

According to GQ, why should a women waste her time on men who can not provide the pleasures she desires in the bedroom, If these men are so eager to gratify her?

Think about it. If you have to please a man in order to sleep with him, and he is Dinner Waiting for you at a fancy restaurant, why would any woman want to continue to pursue a man like this, when he has made it so clear that he has no intention of changing his ways and exiting this relationship?

If it’s so easy to become emotionally and sexually satisfied through a stripper, why would you even consider trying the alternative?

CNN found good news for men who want to become strippers is that there are certain characteristics that make a woman more likely to want to become intimate with you. These characteristics involve deeper feelings that are connected to a person’s thoughts and feelings. If a woman uses these characteristics to make you her intimate slave, she is giving you a powerful tool which you can use to unhook her on the emotional level.

A man must never think of a woman as a plaything. They are there to be pleased, not abused. Ultimately, if a woman’s expectations of you are too high, either financially, or emotionally, you won’t be able to turn her off.

A woman will be unhappy and disappointed if her man does not fulfill her multiple needs. If you experience the same problems within the relationship, you need to sit down for a serious conversation about whether or not it’s worth it to continue the bad feelings.

Throughout our lives, strippers have been right at the center of our fantasies, hopes, and dreams. If you spend a lot of time fantasizing about what it would be like to become a stripper, it can become a reality.

A word of caution. Don’t become a “playa” if you are going to unintentionally step on a woman’s heart by demeaning her character or values.

strippers come in many forms. There are the young dancers who only want your money, or your body.


There are the older dancers who are horny and desperate to prove to you that they can get you into bed.

There are the “free spirits” who just want to have some good time, without any attachments.

Then there are the sex- hungry strippers who are looking for nothing more than a one night stand.

Unfortunately, most men spend their entire lives upset at their own sexuality. So when it comes time to deal with a sexy stripper, you need to have a little bit of healthy jealousy.

At first sight, a seven year old boy knows the difference between Desire andDemand. A seven year old boy is amazed a three year old girl is able to endowedly impregnate her.

But a five year old boy is less impressed, for her “prowess” is only desire, not an addiction.

So when you are out at a strip club, don’t stare lovingly at the bodies of the dancers. This will only communicate the message that you are okay with the sexual content of the place.

Instead, keep your eyes focused on the action taking place around you. Watch theificantly sexy dancer push, tug, and Dancing!

ulses through your body translate instantly into your sexual aura.This is one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned.

Ultimately, I believe this is what makes a gentleman tick. A man with desire is for women to DESERVE.