The Scoop on Penis Curvature

The Scoop on Penis Curvature

Many men express concern as to the curvature of their penises, when in reality a totally straight penis is very rare. An overwhelming majority of men have a curve to their penis when it is erect, although it may be more pronounced in some men.

A slight curvature in an erect penis is pretty normal and is to be expected.

It may stem from years of placing your penis on one side or the other when you walk or it may just be the way your anatomy has formed on its own. The simple act of adjusting yourself in the same manner over a period of time can be enough to have gently stretched the tissues, effectively causing a curvature of the penis.

It is far more normal to have a curvature than to be totally without one, so there is no cause for worry unless it is causing you problems. In general an erect penis will either point slightly to the left or right. While erect it may stand straight up or point downwards depending on the individual’s health and age. Every penis is different.

How to Deal with a Bent Penis

For the most part though, variations in the appearance of erect penises are normal and for some, even preferable. Most men that worry about the curvature of their penis are stressing themselves needlessly, a gentle curve does not impair functions of the penis, and in fact it can enhance sexual activities.

No need to stress about your penis in this regard penile curvatures are so common as to be thought normal.

It can affect men, but not necessarily in bad ways. A penis that features a curve is in no way broken, in fact there are many reports that a bent penile erection can prove to be more of a pleasurable experience for both participants than a straight one.

A penis that is curved is better able to reach the “G-spot” located on the vaginal walls, greatly enhancing sexual experiences.

A curvature, bend or “crooked” penis is not a cause for worry unless it happens suddenly. If you notice a sudden change in the shape of your erection or are experiencing pain during intercourse or are unable to become erect then you should seek medical care. There is a fairly rare condition that is called Peyronie’s disease that happens when there is a severe buildup of plaque in the penis. This disease is very treatable, but can lead to very painful erections and a more severe curvature of the erect penis.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

According to one authority at, Peyronie’s is basically a lump made out of plaque which is similar to scar tissue in nature that forces the penis whether it is flaccid or erect to bend to one side or the other. This condition can be completely painless or can cause an extreme amount of pain depending on where the lump is located. Depending on how severe of a curve this lump is making, sex may become very excruciating or even impossible.

If you have a curvature but you don’t feel a lump, then that is not peyronies. If your penis has a lump or plaque buildup then you need to consult your physician. There may be times that a man may find that there have been changes to the angle or shape of his penis after trauma or injury to the area. This is a result of scar tissue and after the injury has been treated there are ways to straighten the penis back out if desired.

Whether your penis curvature is naturally occurring or the result of a disease or trauma, if you want to correct the issue you can do that. The University of Virginia mentioned that penile curvatures have been very successfully treated using the peyronies device which has been made to work specifically to your needs and to do it quickly and with great results.